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Massage Therapy: Understanding the Basics


You may not believe the following, but it is true: over 80 types of massage therapy exist in the world. In America’s massage industry, some of these are used today. People enjoy deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, sports massage, chair massage, acupressure, and so on. A lot of people are familiar with these massages, but not many understand what they really involve. Get the most interesting information about massages in our homepage. The different kinds of massage therapy are explored deeper in this article.

One of the most popular is called acupressure massage therapy. This massage has its origin from ancient Chinese medicine. Surprisingly, humans are not the only ones who benefit from this type of massage, but horses and dogs as well. In acupressure therapy, which is guided by Meridian therapy, important points of the body are depressed. Because of this depression, blockages and tension in the body are released. Many believe that this restores the natural balance in peoples’ bodies.

The second type of massage therapy is reflexology. Just like acupressure, it takes its origin from Oriental medicine. On the soles of peoples’ feet, there are various connections to different systems and organs in the body. By applying pressure on these special spots, the corresponding organs and systems can be touched, providing healing. Be amazed of our information about massages in link Though reflexology is commonly done of a person’s foot, it is also practiced on other parts of the body.

Athletes especially love massages, and one of their most common pick is called sports massage. Sports massage is popular because it can prevent injuries and promote bodily health. It is comprised of a hint of Swedish massage combined with a number of other touch therapies. These include pressure points, compression, hydrotherapy and cross fiber therapy. It is also possible to use sports massage on animals.

The fourth type of massage is called deep tissues massage. Because this type of massage is foundational, it is often taught in massage schools. When this massage is done on the muscles, it penetrates deeply, freeing the muscles from pain and stiffness. A lot of people suffering from injuries have found relief in this massage therapy. The first feeling after this massage has been performed is some soreness, but after a time, it goes away, leaving good results.

The fifth therapy is chair massage therapy. Commonly, people name this type of massage seated massage, because it involves a person sitting down. This massage, which is very relaxing, is sometimes provided at business meetings, airports and shopping malls. A chair is used for this type of massage, where a person, sitting on that chair, receives the therapy. Know more important information about massages by clicking the link. It is said that this type of massage is extremely enjoyable.

These are the most common types of massage therapy and how they are performed.